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Allied International Trading | Uber Locking Down Early Investor Stock

According to Allied International Trading, Ride-sharing and passenger driver service, Uber is unofficially imposing restrictions on early investors wishing to sell their shares in the venture-backed private company.

The San Francisco-based company, which insists it has no plans to seek a listing on a public stock exchange, is reportedly being obstinate with early investors wishing to sell their shares.

Reiko Hashimoto, who helps manage $3 billion at Allied International Trading said, “We’ve heard that a senior employee at the company struck a deal to sell part of his vested holding of stock to a buyer at $200 per share. When his agent attempted to ink the deal, Uber declined to allow the transfer and, instead, offered to buy back the employee’s shares for $135 each. Needless to say, the employee rejected the offer.”


Uber, which recently completed a round of capital raising that effectively valued it at $18 billion, has been on the receiving end of accusations in several cities around the world that it is operating an illegal taxi service that circumvents rules and regulations meant to protect existing licensed taxi drivers.

“That valuation might be a little optimistic given that some critics of its business model may file suits which and, if successful, could curtail or severely restrict the service it offers to users,” added Hashimoto.

Allied International Trading says that until a test case is heard, it is unlikely that Uber will be considering an initial public offering, especially after the disappointing feedback they received from investors regarding the how to become Uber driver campaign

“If however, Uber’s business model is deemed legal in key cities, there could be a fantastic case for an IPO, but until then, we prefer to sit on the fence,” concluded Hashimoto.

About Allied International Trading:

Established in 2010, Allied International Trading manages diversified investment portfolios on behalf of institutional clients, corporate entities, and sophisticated high net worth individuals.

The Allied International Trading investment process is meticulous in its attention to detail, due to our highly disciplined approach to identifying and valuing great businesses, with unrealized investment potential.

To ensure we stay ahead of the market, after careful deliberation by our analysts, we impose a strict limit on some companies we expose our clients to, taking their personal risk tolerance into account. Our objective is to build a diversified investment portfolio that will deliver superior returns for our array of different investors.


Government Warns Basic Funeral Costs Are Rising By More Than £5 Per Week

There is a 7.1% increase in the cost of a funeral in the last two years.

Funeral prices are rising as rapidly as house prices in the UK, leaving many relatives and family members struggling to foot the bill and getting themselves into large amounts of debt.

Government Helping With Costs?


Research has shown that low income families are not been helped by the government to cover these costs. A group of MPs have issued a warning, stating that the country may see a situation where people will not be able to carry out even the basic funeral arrangements.

Planning for the future has become necessary.

Taking out a funerals plan, will make sure that your family does not have to spend all their savings on your funeral.

There are different plans available.

A one time lump sum can be made or it can be made in installments.


This also gives you the ability of making a record of your personal wishes.

It gives you peace of mind, knowing that you haven’t burdened your loved ones. They will also receive the moral support and advice from the funeral planning company.

forex trade tips

5 Tips To A Successful Forex Trade

The most successful traders are those who hone their skills through discipline and training. They carry out analysis of their actions to better understand the dynamics of their trades while learning to keep evils like greed and fear out. To ensure you receive the maximum returns from your trade, given below are a list of tips and tricks to help you perfect your craft.

1. Before you get down to choosing a forex trading style, a successful forex trader is one who defines his goals. The adoption of this advice is highly important as it will help you to select a style that is compatible with not only your goals but also your personality.

2. Since every trading style comes with its own unique approach and risk factor, the attitude and approach you need to adopt in order to trade successfully should be determined based on an understanding of these differences.

Special thanks to Forex Australia for the infographic below:

master forex trading

3. Always opt for a broker who not only makes you comfortable but also provides you with a trading platform matching your trading style. In this context, it is imperative to spend adequate time researching before zeroing in on a likely candidate. You must have a clear understanding of each broker’s policies and his market conduct before signing any agreement.

4. Selection of a particular methodology and sticking to it is another point that requires your consideration. Irrespective of the methodology you may decide to adopt, it is of vital importance that you remain consistent in its application. Moreover, your methodology should also be adaptive in nature. The ideal system that you need to have should be one that keeps up with the changing times.

5. It is always safe to opt for a longer time frame when it comes to direction analysis. The opposite should hold true for when it comes to entry or exit. In other words, you need to synchronize your different trading charts for better direction analysis and entry or exit.


Offline Vs Online Marketing

Offline marketing includes advertising your online business in places like newspapers, magazines, flyers, or business cards. Sure it is also important to advertise online, but by advertising offline as well, you have an advantage over the majority of online business owners who only advertise online.

You are reaching a larger market, and your advertising efforts will stand out. On the internet, people see a slew of ads constantly running, constantly nagging them to buy this or that product or service. By advertising offline, your ad stands alone, and is unique, without a bombardment of other online ads as a distraction.

Think of all the students at a university who are looking to make money online and what your advertisement on the bulletin boards could lead to! Think of all the newspaper classifieds readers who are looking for that one special business opportunity! There are people looking to make extra money everywhere!

offline vs online marketing

As far as newspapers go, don’t just stop at one paper. Choose your local papers, but also consider newspapers from different cities and towns! Spread yourself out! The easy thing about newspaper classifieds is that you can even order online for many newspapers.

If not, it is a simple phone call, and ads are very inexpensive. If you are consistent enough in your offline advertising efforts, you may pick up sales. The key is to do it consistently so that people see your ad not once, but every day for a month.

Handing out flyers at local restaurants or coffee shops, posting flyers in a condo building, and handing out your business card with your URL on it are also very effective methods of advertising. To take this one step further we recently employed a Leaflet Distribution Service In London and got fantastic results. One must not forget the power of offline networking. This includes telling your friends and family and everyone you know about your business.

Keep in mind when offline advertising what it is that you want to achieve. You want to grab people’s attention and motivate them to take action. Once they do take action, you want to follow up with them to build a relationship and keep them coming back for more. It is wise to read up on how to write good ad copy to ensure that you are grabbing people’s attention in a way that encourages them to respond.

The great advantages and power of offline marketing should never be underestimated. Just because this is the internet-age does not mean that traditional methods of advertising have gone out of style! You can make a fortune by combining your online marketing efforts with your offline marketing efforts!


Why Do Men Earn 57% More From Investing Than Women?

In this growing economy, you will not let yourself left behind. Adapting to the changes in the world will help you improve the quality of life that you have right now. In the world of business, there are plenty of businessmen who continuously search the best way on how to gain more. This is also true for individual accounts. Many people invest good money aside from working to double or triple their profit.

In history, men once lived in a patriarchal society where women were regarded as lesser beings than men. In worst scenarios, they were even treated as possessions. Throughout the process, though, women learn to fight their way out. In politics, for example, there were women who were acknowledged for their skills and knowledge which somehow went on par or even surpassed that of man.

The context of gender difference in business terms though is a bit different. We judge men and women based on the profit they gain. One good thing to measure this is by means of investment. Women are said to have less revenue than men by 50 percent based on recent research. What’s holding them back? The reason goes back to history.

Gender and Pay

In terms of work, there is still a great avenue for gender differences to be noticed. This is one of the greatest area of life which proves there is still a thin line between the two genders. The data collected that revealed women are left behind by 50 per cent in terms of investment revenue is based on the fact that they have little money to invest. We do acknowledge there are game changers but in general, this seems to be the case. With lesser pay, women are left with nothing but a smaller amount of investment.

Closing Notes

The whole idea revolves around a more patriarchal basis and the type of society we have right now. The rise of many anti-gender-discrimination groups though is something that we should look

savings account advice

How to Use Your Savings Account to Repay Personal Loans

If like other places, you have some healthy debt in the form of a mortgage, car loans, or fast loans, you may be wondering about the easiest way to pay off your loan and to maximise your net worth. Here are the top ten tips for making the extra dollars go further by making changes to simple, everyday habits and effortlessly paying off your loan.

1. Budget and Set Realistic Goals

Studies show that if you don’t have a clearly set goal, you’re much less likely to reach your intended destination. Setting a budget is the best way to creating a clear picture of your financial goals and motivating yourself to meet them. Take stock of your income and expenditure. Set weekly, monthly, and annual savings and spending targets and commit to achieving them in your mind – your commitment to a goal is essential for its achievement.

Remember to set realistic goals, or you might become demotivated when you find it too hard to reach your milestones. Keep your budget in a place where you can look at it regularly (at least once a week) to stay motivated and mark your weekly achievements.

2. Get Educated About Financial Management

There are many Internet communities and seminars on financial management. Joining an Internet community will help you stay motivated while giving you access to many tips on saving, financial products, investment, tax, and even using cash loans for a well-deserved reward or investment purposes. Meeting like-minded people in real life through seminars provides additional motivation.

3. Get Tax Advice

Check out how you can make legal deductions from your tax obligations. The Tax Office provides free booklets and information seminars on tax compliance, so be sure to make use of these.

4. Eat at Home

Limit yourself to one or two takeaway or restaurant meals a week. Home cooked food is usually more nutritious and you can use leftovers to pack a healthy lunch.

5. Buying Habits

Something a simple and easy as adjusting your buying habits can help you exponentially increase your savings balance and pay off your loans more quickly.
· Buy Online – buying online is usually much cheaper than in stores, even after accounting for postage costs.
· Buy Generic – generic brands or home brands are often as good as the branded product for a fraction of the price.
· Buy in Bulk – buying in bulk and freezing is another great way to maximising your savings.
· Use Coupons and Specials – there are many sites offering daily special purchases and coupons. Go through your junk mail and you can find great savings.

6. Transport

Transport is a major expense but with simple changes, you can get fit and make huge savings. Car pool whenever you can to split petrol costs and bike everywhere when possible.

7. Bundle Your Telecommunications

The major telecommunications companies offer simple bundle plans. Make use of them to get cheaper internet, mobile phone, and home phone services. You can also use Google Talk or VoIP phone services like Skype to make free or cheap local and international calls.

8. Bank Smart

Everyday banking fees may be a thing of the past. Some of the big banks have introduced completely free accounts with unlimited withdrawals and excellent savings accounts with high interest rates. Shop around and see which one suits your needs and commit to making a fortnightly or monthly saving deposit.